Saturday, May 15, 2010

Westmoreland Berry Farm

Dear Daddy,

Well I guess Mommy told you about the pictures. She said that the hard drive crashed (sounds dangerous) and we can't write about those right now, hopefully we can get them later! So instead I will tell you about our trip to the strawberry farm today! This morning mommy told me we were going to a farm where we could pick our own strawberries! I was very excited. We had to ride in the car for a long time, but I watched Elmo so it was ok. When we got to the farm we pick out our basket and waited for the tractor. While we were waiting I saw this cool sign that showed how tall I am. Look how much I have grown!!

Here I am showing, Mommy what a strawberry looks like.

Finally the tractor came. When I was visiting Granddaddy, he rode me around on his tractor, but this one was REALLY big. I didn't get to drive it like I did granddaddy's but it was still fun to ride behind!

Look at all those rows of strawberries! Mommy said to help her find the big red ones!

I found a big red one right away and showed mommy how to pick it!

I helped mommy find all the big red ones, I made sure she looked at all the plants!

Here I am checking out all the strawberries,

Look how pretty!

This one needed a closer look,

Smells like a strawberry,

better see if it tastes like a strawberry!

I really enjoyed picking the strawberries now it is time to go pay!

A nice couple took mine and mommy's picture!

After all that hard work, mommy bought us some ice cream that the farm was selling, but after two bites I told her I was sleepy and need a here I am taking one in the car on the way home!

Can't wait to take you to the farm when you get home, daddy. Mommy says when you get back the farm will have peaches and raspberries for picking....won't that be fun!!
Love you from your Lil Punkin!!!

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Melanie said...

oh dear. that was a fun day... not sure why, but this post made me cry. I can't imagine how much she misses her Daddy.