Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What have we been up to?

Want to know what we have been doing this week? Go here and read all about ( just click on the underlined here to see her blog.) My best bud has been visiting me and she has been blogging all about it! She has several posts from our week!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Disney On Ice

For SL's Valentine's day, I wanted to take her to see Disney on Ice. I was hoping that she would really enjoy it b/c she loves, loves Mickey Mouse. It was 2 hours long so I thought that may be a little much for her and it was all the way up in D.C so I didn't know but we went for it anyway. And let me tell you how glad I am. She LOVED it and was good for the entire show, unbelievable!!! I highly recommend it.
So I decided to dress her up in a cute Lady and the Tramp outfit that had been her cousin Ashley's and once again tried to get a cute picture. And once again she would NOT smile for me!

Her hair is getting sooo long.

Still trying to get a good picture.

I love how she is lying in this one!

These are the looks she gave me when I tried to get her to look at me!

So off to the show.
Here is how the stage was set:

Eating our $30 hotdogs and chips:

Daddy looking REALLY excited

Oh No, the Zamboni Machine broke, maybe Mickey Mouse can fix it

She didn't know quite what to think when all the characters came out:

Her Favorite , Goofy:

The show was 100 Years of Magic and feature scenes from different movies.
Here is Finding Nemo


Pretty Minnie Mouse:

Sitting on Daddy's Lap to get a better view:

Toy Story:

Here's Woody doing a trick:

Mickey Mouse came back out and she got really excited.
She kept saying, "Do you see Mickey?"

She wanted to touch the characters!

It's a Small World After All

At intermission, I bought her a Mickey Mouse and a pennant to go in her room.

Jimney Cricket!

Oh No, Monstro ate Gepetto!

Who's the leader of the band?

Beauty and Beast:


The whole cast:

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Day Before

Yesterday daddy was home and we got out of the house for the first time since the blizzard! We were very excited. I dressed SL in her cute V-day outfit and tried to get some pictures. That girl will NOT pose for me and never flashes me a smile. Of course the minute I put the camera down she is all cute, Ha! We went to Mimi's Cafe for lunch and then mommy's favorite place Target! When we got home SL had a Valentine's Day Card waiting for her from Granddad and Grandmuh( this is what she has decided to call my mom!)

I love these little boots

I asked her to show me her heart


She found Daddy's hat and decided to put it on!

What Came in the Mail?

Reading the card

This is her favorite part, it is a little sparkly heart!

Hopefully today we can make some V-day cupcakes. We were supposed to go to Amanda's and do this but daddy came home so we decided to see him. Disney's Mickey on Ice is in town through Monday and I really want to take her to it so maybe I will have some good pictures to post!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blizzard 2010

We have had the most amazing snowfalls here in VA. Basically we have had 2 big snows in one week! It has been so cold and windy though that I haven't taken SL out in it. Also my hubby has been gone so I haven't felt like getting out in it without him. We have had such a crazy 2010. I have so much to write about and I don't know if I will every get caught up (I never even finished writing about our vacation last July, Ha!) Hopefully I can get caught up when my hubby gets back (it is hard to blog with a 2 year old), because we have major news! We have added to our family and no I am not pregnant, we didn't adopt, and it is DEFINITELY not a pet. So you will have to wait until a little later to find out (I am such a tease, LOL).
Anyway, Melanie, here are the pictures of our blizzard...these are especially for you!

The Snow is starting:

A little more:

Now we are talking:

Night time:

Time for Snow Cream!
First take a bowl of fresh clean snow

Add milk, sugar, and vanilla:

Scoop and Serve:


After it has snowed all night, this is what it looked like in the morning:

Melanie, here is your door pic!

And just when we thought it was over we get 5 more inches just a few days later!

Check out these killer icicles:

We have a major case of cabin fever, so here are some things we have done to pass the time!
Cute Outfit time:

I got bored and decided to dress SL up!

Pretend Time:

This is the new game SL came up. She lined up her animals on top of the box and was having a little play!
Potty Time during the blizzard:

She decided all by herself that she wanted to use the potty! (she didn't make a deposit however, but it is a start!)

I tried to make lunch interesting one day by serving it in a Valentine Heart ice tray.

I used butterfly cookie cutter to cut out peanut butter sandwiches, she had goldfish, and animal crackers and animal fruit snacks. (can u guess the theme?)


Dress Up Time! She Loves this old sun hat of mine. Glad to see that it is being used!