Monday, January 24, 2011


I have started a separate blog just for our totschool posts! It is called Looking Comfortable. You can click on the words and it will take you to it!


Well it only took me 2.5 hours to figure out how to great scrapbook elements using photoshop elements. I loaded this one onto a black piece of paper so you could see it....that took me a while to figure out as well. I couldn't understand why the white scallop wasn't showing up....hmm, maybe because the blog background is white you big dummy!!! That is what I get for trying to learn something at 1 am!!!! If anyone follows this blog and wants me to email them this element please let me know!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

1st Haircut!!!

Well I finally broke down and took Shelby Lynn to get her hair cut! I think I was delaying doing it because I felt like once I cut her baby hair she was no longer a baby…but she will always be MY baby! Hair brushing time around here has been AWFUL. She screams, there is big knots, and tears (some may have been from mommy). So I figured it was time!  I chose Cartoon Cuts, they specialize in first time hair cuts. Her stylist’s name was Maurina and she was fantastic with Shelby Lynn…she knew just how to handle stubborn little girls, HA!

Maurina and a very unhappy Shelby Lynn:


Hairwashing station, we didn’t do this, I figured the haircut was enough, lol! But it is very cute and we will definitely check it out next time!



The knot that I have never been able to tame!



Each station had its own tv and Shelby Lynn got to watch her favorite movie…Horton Hears a Who!


Her beautiful new haircut!


Getting braids:


Well that wasn’t so bad!


This made me cry…I was so excited that they did this for me!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lake Fun

**If you want to see the pictures larger, just click on each one and it will bring up a separate window to see them in!

So I am trying to do a little catch up blogging when I have a chance. I went back and was looking at my blog and realized I really need to keep up with it! So when we went to TN back in Sept. we went to my hubby’s parents and visited their best buds, who are just like family! They live on the lake and we always have a blast. This time their son, Eric and his wife Gretchen were in town. I am excited because they are moving back and now when we go visit we will be able to see them more!

Gorgeous lake view


SL and Harley enjoying the view:


A little sunbathing on the dock:


Norman and his boys, Eric and Chadley relaxing in the water:


Tim getting ready to take us for a ride in the boat:


Jay’s parents’ house is just across the lake from the Bowmans!


Tim let SL drive the boat. She did pretty well and mommy was only a little nervous!


Alena and Shelby Lynn had a blast playing in the doggy door!


The Boys of Summer:


Tim was cracking us up and I think cracking himself up!


Aren’t they sweet! I love these two. They have always made me feel like family!



Peggy’s mom and Norman’s mom:


Sweet Chloe:


Aunty Anne proved she could still ski!


Chadley and Shelby Lynn shared some goldfish:


My blue eyed girl!


Lego Time


SL tried to hula hoop with the intertube:


Uncle Norman and Miss Alena getting their groove on:


As you can see a great time was had by all and I really hope that next summer we can do this more!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Where is the year going?

Wow, so much is going on around here that my poor little blog is getting neglected! Hopefully I can get back on track soon because I really like to document what we do so that when I scrapbook I can remember the details! I have to keep this post quick but here are a few pics from Halloween!
Oh and totschool has totally been put on hold, but SL is doing great in preschool !
She just earned a treasure out of the box for helping clean least she picks up her toys at school, lol!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Catch Up

WARNING!!! This may be a lonnnnnnnnng post. I don’t really need to state the obvious but I am a horrible blogger. I am amazed by those who can crank out posts every day. I realized that not only am I bad at blogging consistently but I am also behind on scrapbooking, crafting, cleaning and a long list of other things. The reason…all the fun we had this past September! Ok enough of that, here is what we have been up to lately.

Before we left for vacation, SL had preschool orientation. I wasn’t sure about sending her, I was NOT ready to leave my baby girl, but fortunately for me my good friend teaches preschool and the director of the school was really sweet and made room for SL in the class! And since SL already knows her teacher it has made the transition seamless!

Introduction time in the chapel:


The cute door with all the kids names….Miss Anna and Miss Lilly have decorated the classroom and done a FANTASTIC job!


Miss Anna welcoming SL.


Finding the place she will sit:


I was very pleased at how SL seemed to take to the classroom and other kids. The only bad thing was that we were heading for vacation and she was going to miss the first two weeks.

Ok so I decided to break these posts up after all. So one down, a bunch more to come (I know you saying yeah right, but I really must get them done so when I do get around to scrapbooking I remember what happened, lol!)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Vacation Time

We have been on vacation for the past two weeks and I didn't have internet access. I hope to blog about everything this weekend...stay tuned!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Totschool Bb

So we did Bb for totschool this past week and what better way to start out B week than a quick trip to the beach! Daddy had to go for work and we went down for a couple of days.

She loved digging in the sand and was quite content to sit here on the (B)lanket for a long time.


We then went and played in the water for a while but mommy didn’t get any pictures since I was by myself and I couldn’t handle the waves and the camera at the same time. After the (B)each we went up to the pool where they were having free hotdogs.IMG_2985 IMG_2987

And free mimosas for the mommies, lol!


It was so lovely at the (b)each I thought I would throw in some pictures to this post for (b) for (b)eautiful:

These were all taken at night and that is the moon.

IMG_2991 IMG_2991-2 IMG_2992 IMG_2994 IMG_2995

When we got back home we continued with Bb and also our creation lessons. As I was editing these pictures I noticed that Shelby Lynn’s shirts look very similar. We did not do all these activities in one day, it was spread out over two days!

Working on tracing the number 2 from our Mickey Mouse Trace book. I can’t tell if she is going to be a lefty or righty, she is using both hands, this time it was the left:


We also learned about our body parts this week. This puzzle came from the Target $1 section. They have such great education items for only a dollar!


Pasting (B)ody parts on our (B)ig B. This activity came from 2 Teaching Mommies. Another great blog that has all the work done for you!


Brown, Brown Bear. I cut the animals out of different colored felt and let her tell the story…she really liked this activity.


Letter of the Week Curriculum:

doadot B…she back to using her right hand!


Butterfly Letter sort


For our creation lessons we continued with Hubbard’s Cupboard:

Day and Night sort game, I was pleasantly surprised at how well she did with this.


Very Happy when she completed it!


Creation Day 4 craft. I tried to get her to hold it up for the camera, but she wouldn’t look at the camera!


We have the leap frog word builder so I started her on building the (at) words, like hat, bat, mat, ect…


Worked on the B page in her “How to Build an A” book


And her featured toy of the week was her little people barnyard, which she sang Old MacDonald while playing with it! I am trying to rotate her toys and pull out one each week that goes with what we are learning and it seems to be working quite well.


Here are some more pictures of the way our “schoolroom” is set up. This week I got a dish drainer from Target and put her puzzles in, it seems to be working pretty well….puzzles are so hard to store. If anyone has any other suggestions I would love to hear them!


Our bulletin board with our Bible verses and Our ABC flip book


I purchased several of these mats from the $1 section at Target to keep on her table for craft time. They come in all different learning themes:


$1 Plan book from Target. If you can’t find them 1+1+1=1 has a great post on this.

IMG_3008 IMG_3009

And I finally got around to organizing my Totschool supply cabinet, I should have taken a before picture because it was baaaaaaaddddd! Luckily it had doors on it, lol!


Tot School


preschool corner

Here are some books and toys we used this week: