Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lake Fun

**If you want to see the pictures larger, just click on each one and it will bring up a separate window to see them in!

So I am trying to do a little catch up blogging when I have a chance. I went back and was looking at my blog and realized I really need to keep up with it! So when we went to TN back in Sept. we went to my hubby’s parents and visited their best buds, who are just like family! They live on the lake and we always have a blast. This time their son, Eric and his wife Gretchen were in town. I am excited because they are moving back and now when we go visit we will be able to see them more!

Gorgeous lake view


SL and Harley enjoying the view:


A little sunbathing on the dock:


Norman and his boys, Eric and Chadley relaxing in the water:


Tim getting ready to take us for a ride in the boat:


Jay’s parents’ house is just across the lake from the Bowmans!


Tim let SL drive the boat. She did pretty well and mommy was only a little nervous!


Alena and Shelby Lynn had a blast playing in the doggy door!


The Boys of Summer:


Tim was cracking us up and I think cracking himself up!


Aren’t they sweet! I love these two. They have always made me feel like family!



Peggy’s mom and Norman’s mom:


Sweet Chloe:


Aunty Anne proved she could still ski!


Chadley and Shelby Lynn shared some goldfish:


My blue eyed girl!


Lego Time


SL tried to hula hoop with the intertube:


Uncle Norman and Miss Alena getting their groove on:


As you can see a great time was had by all and I really hope that next summer we can do this more!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Where is the year going?

Wow, so much is going on around here that my poor little blog is getting neglected! Hopefully I can get back on track soon because I really like to document what we do so that when I scrapbook I can remember the details! I have to keep this post quick but here are a few pics from Halloween!
Oh and totschool has totally been put on hold, but SL is doing great in preschool !
She just earned a treasure out of the box for helping clean least she picks up her toys at school, lol!