Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hello old friends

Hello blog friends, I am back.

This cute outfit was made by my friend


. I absolute love it and wish I have one for Christmas (hint, hint). Actually I think I may attempt one myself.

Check out how cute the back is!

Here SL is Mousercising:

Boy does she love that mouse. She gets so upset when the show is over. We joke and call it her crack, lol!

We went to my friend Debi's house for Thanksgiving supper. Debi was the first friend I met when we moved here and she has been there for me so often! She cooked a huge dinner.

Debi's husband, Pete, deep fried a turkey:

I made Paula Deen's green beans and a pineapple casserole. You can find the recipes

HERE and


Jay and Pete:

Debi's son, Alex:

(I can't believe that he is this big now! And when did stone wash black jeans come back in style, lol!)

Debi brought out a tub of toys for SL and she loved them. She had to sit in the tub to really enjoy them, lol. I loved the toys because they were all old Fisher Price toys from when I was a kid!

Debi has three dogs and SL had a blast playing with them and they were so sweet with her!

Rudy makes a good seat:

And this last pic cracks me up because Libby used to hate Jay and run from him and bark and bark at him. But for some reason she really took to Jay this last time and just loved all over him!

We had a great Thanksgiving Day!