Thursday, May 27, 2010

Look what we did this week...

Dear Daddy,

Mommy and I have hung around the house this week...can you believe it! A couple times we went out to the store because I told mommy I wanted to byebye in the car! Well today mommy took me byebye in the car and we went to a giant toy store! I got a couple of my birthday presents from grammy and granddaddy early. Mommy and I picked out a swimming pool and a water table to play in. Daddy it is soooooo hot here, mommy says it is over 90 degrees!

My new water table, it came with a polar bear, a penguin, and a seal (mommy keeps calling it a walrus, but I think it is a seal!)

My sprinkler, mommy didn't get any pics of us playing in it because she didn't want to get her camera wet, but it is fun! It has all these crazy arms that wiggle water everywhere!

My favorite, popsicles!

Mommy also cleaned out her closet this week. And that wasn't so much fun. She said she put the pictures up for Aunt Mel....I have no clue why she would want to see them, pretty boring to me. Hi, Aunt Mel!!

ALL this came out of mommy's closet!!!

What a mess! My toys never look like that (wink)!

I thought Mommy's closet needed painting!

Mommy said she got the organizing stuff on clearance at Target, in case anyone was interested (ummm boring again!)

Here it is after mommy gave away a lot of stuff!

Now back to the good stuff!
Mommy got out this new toy for me to play with...who knew she was hoarding my Christmas toys!!! Seriously Daddy can you tell her not to do that! Anyway mommy says this toy is a shape sorter. I don't know about sorting, but I sure had fun!

I think they look best sorted this way!

Mommy also taught me how to use the computer to play games...did you know you could play games on the computer daddy? I see know why you like it so much, it is all I want to do , but mommy doesn't share the computer very well!

My Mickey Mouse Game!

You have to use something called a mouse to play it! Mommy said I did really well, I don't know why she was surprised, it is pretty simple!

Can't wait until you get home so I can show you how to play!!! I love you daddy,
Your Lil Punkin!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

We interupt this blog due to no photos.......

WHAT, no photos? That is exactly what I screamed when I realized my external hard drive had crashed and I couldn't access my pictures. I have hope that my BBF's hubby will be able to retrieved them. So until I can get my pics back or SL and I do something other that try and get her to use the potty, my blog posts are on hold. I think potty training is the most difficult thing I have had to do as a mom! I am seriously tempted to pay someone to come train her...maybe I could take a vacation to the beach while that happened, LOL! So not much will be happening here except mopping and laundry. But in a week, Mel and Z will be arriving so I know TONS of pictures will be taken!! So if I have any readers left we will return in a couple of weeks with hopefully a potty trained, smiling face!! (ummm that would be from SL, in case you were confused, hehe!)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Westmoreland Berry Farm

Dear Daddy,

Well I guess Mommy told you about the pictures. She said that the hard drive crashed (sounds dangerous) and we can't write about those right now, hopefully we can get them later! So instead I will tell you about our trip to the strawberry farm today! This morning mommy told me we were going to a farm where we could pick our own strawberries! I was very excited. We had to ride in the car for a long time, but I watched Elmo so it was ok. When we got to the farm we pick out our basket and waited for the tractor. While we were waiting I saw this cool sign that showed how tall I am. Look how much I have grown!!

Here I am showing, Mommy what a strawberry looks like.

Finally the tractor came. When I was visiting Granddaddy, he rode me around on his tractor, but this one was REALLY big. I didn't get to drive it like I did granddaddy's but it was still fun to ride behind!

Look at all those rows of strawberries! Mommy said to help her find the big red ones!

I found a big red one right away and showed mommy how to pick it!

I helped mommy find all the big red ones, I made sure she looked at all the plants!

Here I am checking out all the strawberries,

Look how pretty!

This one needed a closer look,

Smells like a strawberry,

better see if it tastes like a strawberry!

I really enjoyed picking the strawberries now it is time to go pay!

A nice couple took mine and mommy's picture!

After all that hard work, mommy bought us some ice cream that the farm was selling, but after two bites I told her I was sleepy and need a here I am taking one in the car on the way home!

Can't wait to take you to the farm when you get home, daddy. Mommy says when you get back the farm will have peaches and raspberries for picking....won't that be fun!!
Love you from your Lil Punkin!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Dear Daddy,

Guess what! Mommy finally got it all together so that I could write you another letter. I have so much to tell you. We have really been busy since you have been gone. As you know we are visiting Grammy and Granddaddy right now and today we are leaving to go visit Aunt Jilly Bean. But today I am going to tell you about Ellie's birthday party and then our trip to the children's museum.
Ellie had a birthday party and I was invited; I was excited! Mommy told me I had to wear a pink princess dress and I wasn't excited anymore. I would have much rather worn my rainboots and coat. But after mommy finally convinced me we should wear one since that was what Ellie wanted to do for her birthday, I decided that it wasn't so bad. I was so excited to see Ellie when I got to her party that we decided that we needed to dance together in our party dresses!

After we played for while, we got to the really fun part of the party....the cake! Ellie's daddy set the cake on fire or as Mommy called it lit the candles. I was so excited to help sing Happy Birthday. Bring on that cake!!

Afterwards Ellie opened her presents, and I decided to sit on her daddy's lap because it was empty and I thought he needed a little girl to cuddle with since his was busy. But then as Ellie was opening her gifts I thought maybe I should go over see if she needed any help. You know it is always nice to offer help to others!

Birthday parties are so much fun and I can't wait for mine. Mommy says we are going to have mine at Grammy and Grandaddy's. It is going to be Minnie Mouse themed and I get to hit a pinata...I can't wait to find out what that is! Wish you could be here for it daddy, but I will make sure mommy takes a ton of pictures!! A few days after Ellie's party we went to the museum...I love that place!
Working puzzles with Colin:

We also went to a dance party at the museum. That was sooo much fun:

I also got to milk a cow, I think I am ready to go work on a ranch like Mommy said you used to do!

Then Ellie and I went grocery shopping. I picked out the food and she rang it up. I really enjoyed getting the food, I LOVE crackers!

Then we got to go play at the water table. This was the first time I played at it. It was really interesting and I didn't want to leave.

Some other things I did at the museum:

Oh here is a picture of me and mommy in the sand box. I am sorry I couldn't look at the camera daddy, but you know how it is when you are busy.

We had a great time and I hope I get to back soon. Well mommy says we have to go pack so I will try to write you another letter tonight. I love you and miss you.
Hurry Home,
p.s. Mommy said to remind you if you click on the pictures you can view them a little larger. She said to tell you she loves you bunches!