Saturday, June 27, 2009

100th Post!

So this post is really late. We wound up going on a vacation and I have not had time to update. I really wanted my 100th post to be about something special so I waited until I had time to do a good one!

Wow, I can't believe this is already my 100th post. I was going to post part 2 of Shelby Lynn's first 2 years. But I think instead I will show what we did for her second birthday! On Friday we decided we would take her to the Children's Museum of Richmond. Well mommy and daddy slept in and we got a late start. So needless to say she wasn't in the best mood, be once we got there and started playing we had a good time. And then mommy and daddy decided to really push their luck and took her to Chucky Cheese. Bad Mistake! She so wasn't into, plus mommy didn't realize how full her diaper was and it leaked. And normally I ALWAYS have an extra outfit in the car, but for some reason I didn't. All I had was a bathing suit. So she was running around Chucky Cheese, screaming her head off wearing her shirt and bikini bottoms, LOL! And I didn't get any pictures of this! So mommy and daddy decided it was time to go. When we got home our fabulous friends, Melanie, Oz and Zoe sent Shelby Lynn a birthday gift. So without further adieu, here our the birthday pictures:

Since on Friday she was birthdayed out we waited until Saturday to do cake and presents. Orginally I was going to attempt to make a fabulous cake in the shape of the number 2. When I went to get the eggs for this cake I realized I was out. Soooo we settled for a store bought cake instead and it was pretty yummy! I guess the terrible twos have really struck, because once again she had totally melt downs when we tried to do presents and cake. We finally put the gifts in the floor and let her go to them in her own time. As for the cake as long as we didn't sing Happy Birthday and the candles weren't lit she was fine!

Whew, what a Birthday for Miss Shelby Lynn!

Friday, June 26, 2009

My Baby is 2!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Pretty Little Shelby Lynn ( when she was just a little tiny baby I used to call her this)!
I wanted to tell the story of my pregnancy (long awaited and high risk) and her birth ( 5 Weeks Early) but I didn't get it done because we have both been sick and then tonight I went shopping for birthday goodies; so hopefully I will get done for this weekend. But here are few of my favorite photos over they last 2 years...I can't believe 2 years have passed already!
( I don't have any pics on my computer from the 1st 3 months but will post some in the next post.)

Thanks Melanie for always taking our pics; I don't know what I would do without you!

Here she is with her umbilical hernia (used to worry me to death), we call it her radio knob, lol! The docs said it would go away and what do you know it did!

My mom always says she looks like a little boy in these pics, lol. She cute even as a boy!

I love her sweet little clasped hands

"Come on Mom, are we not done yet?"


Look what all Santa brought me!


Thanks Melanie once again for being a fabulous friend and taking these!

There are so many of the photos and I love them, but I will have to compress them down before I can put any more up.

Some more of my favorites from the first year:

The one and only time she showed interest in a paci and it was in her mouth backwards!

I love this pictures, we were at playgroup and she was upset with another playmate, and I couldn't help myself!

One Year!

Year Two and birth story in part 2!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Cool Crazy "C"

Tot School

So totschool has been really hit and miss for the last 3 weeks but when I was looking back over what we had covered we have not done too bad. Then end of May and beginning of June was really busy. Shelby Lynn's grammy came to visit, then we were sick, then Shelby Lynn's cousins Charlie, Reaghan, Alena and their mommy and daddy also came for a visit, and then we were sick again, whew, what a few weeks! But here is what we accomplished:

Shelby Lynn work on her counting puzzle that I got from Michael's for a $1. She can count to 13 and is really good at that but not so much as putting the pieces back in as she is at taking them out.

She also worked on shape sorting with her "c"ookie jar and sequencing and "c"olors with her nesting cups which you can see in the background.

Outdoor/Physical Activity
Build Sand "C"astles
Grammy bought Shelby Lynn a sandbox to go on our new patio and she really enjoyed playing in it. She basically just pours the sand out right now, but we did also drive "c"ars in the sand!

We also played "c"atch with her ball. She knows how to hold out her hands to catch the ball but hasn't quite figured out how to keep it in her hands. (sorry no pics of this activity)

Home Economics
We started talking about cleaning and to get ready for her cousins coming to town, Shelby Lynn helped me clean her toys. She really enjoyed this activity and that made mommy happy!

We also sang the "c"lean up song!
We read several counting books this week that featured Shelby Lynn's favorite, Elmo!

Here are some other things we did these past weeks that involved the letter "C":

Hanging with the "C"ousins on the "c"ouch watching "c"artoons:

We went to the amusement park (Kings Dominion) where Shelby Lynn rode the "C"arousel, the "C"ars, learned about waiting in line, and met the Nick Jr "C"haracters:

And here is one of my favorite pictures from Totschool:

Be sure to check out what happened at all the other Totschools by clicking on the imagine below:

Tot School

Friday, June 19, 2009

I am still alive!

So I have not posted in a couple of weeks because we have had a lot of family in and then we all have been sick (what a story this was...5 doctors for Shelby Lynn for something that the 1st doctor should have seen). I will share all about both in another post when we have more time, but for now we are getting ready to go to the amusement park because my dear hubby has the day off! Something for your viewing pleasure until I can post more:
I wonder what could have caused this look:

Possibly this:

More on this when I return!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Birthday photo

This week over at the theme is Happy Birthday or pets. I decided to enter this photo in the Birthday category. I normally don't like to do too much to the photo, but I kept adding different filters in CS4 to this and loved how it turned out. Definitely outside the box for me!

I would really like to hear what others think about this since it is different, please leave me your honest opinion! Thanks!

Be sure to click on the button to see the other great photos!