Thursday, May 27, 2010

Look what we did this week...

Dear Daddy,

Mommy and I have hung around the house this week...can you believe it! A couple times we went out to the store because I told mommy I wanted to byebye in the car! Well today mommy took me byebye in the car and we went to a giant toy store! I got a couple of my birthday presents from grammy and granddaddy early. Mommy and I picked out a swimming pool and a water table to play in. Daddy it is soooooo hot here, mommy says it is over 90 degrees!

My new water table, it came with a polar bear, a penguin, and a seal (mommy keeps calling it a walrus, but I think it is a seal!)

My sprinkler, mommy didn't get any pics of us playing in it because she didn't want to get her camera wet, but it is fun! It has all these crazy arms that wiggle water everywhere!

My favorite, popsicles!

Mommy also cleaned out her closet this week. And that wasn't so much fun. She said she put the pictures up for Aunt Mel....I have no clue why she would want to see them, pretty boring to me. Hi, Aunt Mel!!

ALL this came out of mommy's closet!!!

What a mess! My toys never look like that (wink)!

I thought Mommy's closet needed painting!

Mommy said she got the organizing stuff on clearance at Target, in case anyone was interested (ummm boring again!)

Here it is after mommy gave away a lot of stuff!

Now back to the good stuff!
Mommy got out this new toy for me to play with...who knew she was hoarding my Christmas toys!!! Seriously Daddy can you tell her not to do that! Anyway mommy says this toy is a shape sorter. I don't know about sorting, but I sure had fun!

I think they look best sorted this way!

Mommy also taught me how to use the computer to play games...did you know you could play games on the computer daddy? I see know why you like it so much, it is all I want to do , but mommy doesn't share the computer very well!

My Mickey Mouse Game!

You have to use something called a mouse to play it! Mommy said I did really well, I don't know why she was surprised, it is pretty simple!

Can't wait until you get home so I can show you how to play!!! I love you daddy,
Your Lil Punkin!

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Melanie said...

You know, we just spent over 2 weeks with you and some how we didn't do everything we had planned... we didn't use the sprinkler, we never had a Popsicle party, we never played that game that SL is playing with the wooden pieces, we didn't do any projects around your house... geesh, what did we do? Had fun, that is what! Thank you for an awesome girl-cation!