Sunday, October 10, 2010

Catch Up

WARNING!!! This may be a lonnnnnnnnng post. I don’t really need to state the obvious but I am a horrible blogger. I am amazed by those who can crank out posts every day. I realized that not only am I bad at blogging consistently but I am also behind on scrapbooking, crafting, cleaning and a long list of other things. The reason…all the fun we had this past September! Ok enough of that, here is what we have been up to lately.

Before we left for vacation, SL had preschool orientation. I wasn’t sure about sending her, I was NOT ready to leave my baby girl, but fortunately for me my good friend teaches preschool and the director of the school was really sweet and made room for SL in the class! And since SL already knows her teacher it has made the transition seamless!

Introduction time in the chapel:


The cute door with all the kids names….Miss Anna and Miss Lilly have decorated the classroom and done a FANTASTIC job!


Miss Anna welcoming SL.


Finding the place she will sit:


I was very pleased at how SL seemed to take to the classroom and other kids. The only bad thing was that we were heading for vacation and she was going to miss the first two weeks.

Ok so I decided to break these posts up after all. So one down, a bunch more to come (I know you saying yeah right, but I really must get them done so when I do get around to scrapbooking I remember what happened, lol!)

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Melanie said...

OMG! SL looks unbelievable precious in that first picture!!!! What a sweet little thing! I cannot believe how big she is getting. Oh it is nuts! I can't wait for more posts!