Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blizzard 2010

We have had the most amazing snowfalls here in VA. Basically we have had 2 big snows in one week! It has been so cold and windy though that I haven't taken SL out in it. Also my hubby has been gone so I haven't felt like getting out in it without him. We have had such a crazy 2010. I have so much to write about and I don't know if I will every get caught up (I never even finished writing about our vacation last July, Ha!) Hopefully I can get caught up when my hubby gets back (it is hard to blog with a 2 year old), because we have major news! We have added to our family and no I am not pregnant, we didn't adopt, and it is DEFINITELY not a pet. So you will have to wait until a little later to find out (I am such a tease, LOL).
Anyway, Melanie, here are the pictures of our blizzard...these are especially for you!

The Snow is starting:

A little more:

Now we are talking:

Night time:

Time for Snow Cream!
First take a bowl of fresh clean snow

Add milk, sugar, and vanilla:

Scoop and Serve:


After it has snowed all night, this is what it looked like in the morning:

Melanie, here is your door pic!

And just when we thought it was over we get 5 more inches just a few days later!

Check out these killer icicles:

We have a major case of cabin fever, so here are some things we have done to pass the time!
Cute Outfit time:

I got bored and decided to dress SL up!

Pretend Time:

This is the new game SL came up. She lined up her animals on top of the box and was having a little play!
Potty Time during the blizzard:

She decided all by herself that she wanted to use the potty! (she didn't make a deposit however, but it is a start!)

I tried to make lunch interesting one day by serving it in a Valentine Heart ice tray.

I used butterfly cookie cutter to cut out peanut butter sandwiches, she had goldfish, and animal crackers and animal fruit snacks. (can u guess the theme?)


Dress Up Time! She Loves this old sun hat of mine. Glad to see that it is being used!


Melanie said...

OMG! That is a lot of snow! It take seeing it to believe it! Thank you for my picture. I think it really gets the story across. I would be loosing my mind in there.

I LOVE the headband on SL! So 80's! So funny that her potty is in the livingroom. You guys are making the best out of the snow!

Wish I were there... or better yet, I wish we were in Hawaii!

Jenny said...

Great pics...looked like out home yesterday too :)I love the pic. of your DD and the big hat...super cute!