Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Disney On Ice

For SL's Valentine's day, I wanted to take her to see Disney on Ice. I was hoping that she would really enjoy it b/c she loves, loves Mickey Mouse. It was 2 hours long so I thought that may be a little much for her and it was all the way up in D.C so I didn't know but we went for it anyway. And let me tell you how glad I am. She LOVED it and was good for the entire show, unbelievable!!! I highly recommend it.
So I decided to dress her up in a cute Lady and the Tramp outfit that had been her cousin Ashley's and once again tried to get a cute picture. And once again she would NOT smile for me!

Her hair is getting sooo long.

Still trying to get a good picture.

I love how she is lying in this one!

These are the looks she gave me when I tried to get her to look at me!

So off to the show.
Here is how the stage was set:

Eating our $30 hotdogs and chips:

Daddy looking REALLY excited

Oh No, the Zamboni Machine broke, maybe Mickey Mouse can fix it

She didn't know quite what to think when all the characters came out:

Her Favorite , Goofy:

The show was 100 Years of Magic and feature scenes from different movies.
Here is Finding Nemo


Pretty Minnie Mouse:

Sitting on Daddy's Lap to get a better view:

Toy Story:

Here's Woody doing a trick:

Mickey Mouse came back out and she got really excited.
She kept saying, "Do you see Mickey?"

She wanted to touch the characters!

It's a Small World After All

At intermission, I bought her a Mickey Mouse and a pennant to go in her room.

Jimney Cricket!

Oh No, Monstro ate Gepetto!

Who's the leader of the band?

Beauty and Beast:


The whole cast:

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Melanie said...

Oh, I love her outfit. Too cute. It looks like you guys had a great time! I always loved Disney on Ice!!