Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nursey to Little Girl Room

For some time I have been wanting change SL's room from a nursery to a little girl's room. I have poured over PB catalogs looking for inspiration. I think the reason their furniture and other items look so amazing is because of the rooms they are in. I don't know if they build them as sets but I would LOVE to have a home with walls and ceilings like the ones in their catalog!
After finally deciding on what I wanted, I knew my hubby and I had better get started (he is leaving Monday for overseas...which is a whole other post). So after SL took her last nap in her crib we decided to start.

This picture makes me sad and happy. I love her expression in it, but little did she know it was her last time sleeping it!

When I was pregnant with SL I painted her room in an animal theme. I thought it would be hard to paint over it but surprisingly it wasn't.

Here is SL "turning" the screws to her crib. She kept saying turn, turn because..........

That is what daddy was doing, taking down the crib.

I love this pic and had to throw it in.

Here she is playing on the nursery's matching toy box. I hate to take it out of the room because it was good storage but it just won't go. My hubby wanted me to paint over it, but I couldn't. It went with all the bedding and if we have another baby I would like to be able to use it again.

Here is what our guest room looked like after we took everything out of the nursery.... what a mess!

The Next Step was to sand over the mural.

More sanding.

Be sure to lay down sheets because it makes a MESS! *Tip, I just used sand paper, but if you have a mural that is painted on really thick you may need a power sander.

The Fabrics going in the new room.

I am bummed because this is the only pic I have of my sweet friend, Amanda who came to help me paint.

Amanda had the great idea to give SL a brush (she was laughing because she knew it was something I would have NEVER done, but I am sooooo glad she did!)

Look at those sweet brush marks.

After we painted it was time for my hubby to get to work framing my "board and batten" wall that was inpired by PB. I decided I wanted fabric in my grid so we had to mark it off before we put the rest of the wood up.

Getting closer.

Go here to read about this mishap!

The wall with the base coat on it. ( I knew unfinished wood would take a lot of paint but WOW, it took 4 coats of paint) This could have been due to the fact the we used Behr paint and primer in one, for this project I think a separate primer would have worked better.

Finally done painting! When I decided to do this wall I didn't realize how popular the were in Blogland (ha!) As I have been working on her room, several of the blogs I follow have done posts on the them. You can go here, here, and here to read more about them and see some great ideas!

Now on to the lighting!
I had my hubby take down the horrible light that was in the room ( you know the ones that look like boobs, ha!)

I found this great chandelier at Home Depot. I was going to try and find one that I could paint so as not to spend more than $40, but when my mom saw this she said she would send me some $$ for it because she thought it was perfect!!! Thanks mom!!!

I think it is too!!

Now for the BIG reveal:

( I got the toddler bed on Craigs List for cheap! Her crib is supposed to convert to a toddler bed but I felt like it sat to high on the floor.)

My mom had made these great curtains for my sister's daughter's room. It had a huge window in it, which SL's room doesn't so I was able to use one set for the closet which by taking down the doors made the room feel larger.

The other half of the curtains on the window.

(The white Flower light is from IKEA.)

I think she likes!!!

Ahhh, All ready to sleep!!

So the room is not completely finished. I am planning a "princess reading nook, a dress up area, and couple of the projects which are all already in the works. But I will save those for another post but here is a little sneak peek at one of the projects:


The Smith Family said...

WOW! It looks SO good!
I love it!!!
You guys all did such a great job! Looks totally like a magazine!
Nice WORK!
Shelley Smith

Melanie said...

It is certainly a magical place. I hope SL enjoys her new big girl space! You did great... if I ever get to the place to change Z's room I will have to get your help... but that is hard to imagine.

Staci said...

I love it Pam! Definitely A LOT of work! So how did she sleep in her big girl bed????

Emily said...

I love it. I want a room like that!

Frugal Home Designs said...

That looks so beautiful! I love the idea of the fabric in the board and batten. Thank you so much for the link up.

Pine Tree Home said...

Such a sweet room. I like the grid pattern of the moldings, very different and it can grow as your daughter gets older.