Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Just Us Gals!

It was mommy - daughter day for me and SL on Monday. We had a great time. We went to the mall and had lunch. After lunch we went shopping for new hairbows and a bracelet for SL and a cheap sweater for mommy. Aeropostle had select items marked down 70% off and I bought a cute pink sweater for $10, score!!

SL loves her juice boxes!

So I love reading blogs and spend more time reading others than I do updating my own. I am trying to get better about this. One of the things I see fellow bloggers doing is taking pics of themselves in the mirror and it always cracks me up. So I thought I would join the trend and since we were in the family restroom I could do it with no one watching, Ha!

After shopping we went to the Buzzy Playpark in the mall. SL had a blast, she kept running by me saying, "This is Fun!"

After the mall we went to Maggie Moo's for some yummy ice cream, didn't get any pics, too busy eating our delicious (as SL said) ice cream.
We then headed over to Borders (or the "library") as SL calls it. Right when we walked in they had a huge display of gray bunnies and SL just HAD to have one, ha! So of course mommy just HAD to buy it. I think the child must own about 10 bunnies.

What a great day and she was a perfect angel the whole time! We absolutely have to do this again!


Melanie said...

What a fabulous day! I LOVE that you took your picture. You looked very pretty and stylish with your scarf! Z loves the mall play area too. How fabulous!

The Smith Family said...

What a fun day together!
I have three little girls, and I love day's like this!

As far as the grid wall goes... do it!
It's so fun. I actually finished it... and have yet to take a picture of it done, because the actual ROOM has so long to
Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Shelley Smith

Dusty said...

Thanks Pam, I am crying. They are happy tears you do an amazing job with this site. You girls take care. Love and Prayers for you all.