Sunday, March 28, 2010

Letter for Daddy #1

So since daddy is away, SL and I have decided to write him a weekly post to let him know what happens each week!

Dear Daddy,
This first week that you have been gone actually flew by. Mommy and I were very surprised because it didn't seemed like we got a lot accomplished. This week I decided that rain boots were a necessary accessory, because they just complete the look, you know! Every morning while mommy was fixing breakfast I put them on...they look so good with my ducky pjs!

I also decided to try them with out any pjs...we will send you the pictures in an email (I know you wouldn't want the world to see me in all my glory, ha!)

This week went we to Ellie's house to play on a couple of different days. Mommy forgot her camera the first time and I was mad because I wanted to show you how we all sat on the sofa under the blanket, drinking strawberry milk and eating chocolate chips (that's right just plain chocolate chips! Ellie's mom is way cool, she lets me do all sorts of things that mommy won't let me do at home!)
The next day mommy was going to take me to the park to play but when we got into the car we realized it was dinner time, so we took some Happy Meals over to share with Ellie and Collin.
Here we all are sitting at the picnic table under the swingset.

Here I am telling Collin a very funny secret!

Apparently he is like ALL boys and was more interested in his nuggets, but I thought it was funny!

After we ate Ellie and I decided we needed to swing to work off that Happy meal!

Mommy and I also did a little bit of Totschool this week. I got to paint with something called water colors. I did a little bit, but it is not as much fun as paint-with-water. I had hard time remembering to dip the brush in the paint after the water. The other ones are more logical, all you have to do is dip the brush in the water and then on the page the color magically appears (makes more sense don't you think, daddy?). Well here is mine and mommy's painting:

This week mommy brought out something called a workbook (I am not sure I like the name of it, but so far it seems ok!) We talked about the pretty shapes that were on the front. I knew most of the them but kept calling some of them by the wrong name. She kept saying the moon was a crescent and the tall circle was an really must talk to her about that daddy, because it was frustrating! As you can see I decided that a shirt was not necessary for totschool (neither were pants).

Well that's all the pictures for this week daddy, we will try to do better for next! I helped mommy put together a special package for you, I hope you like it! We love you and stay safe! Miss you bunches, SL and mommy!


jay said...

Thank You guys! I love my letter and I love you two!!!!!

Staci said...

So neat he can keep up with you online! I bet there will be lots of letters to come!
Pam - what does Jay do?