Thursday, July 22, 2010

Off to see the Dinosaurs!

Shelby Lynn has this huge fascination with dinosaurs so we decided to take her to the National History Museum to see some real ones or at least their bones. While we were there we took in a 3D dinosaur movie. SL didn’t wear the glasses and it was probably a good thing because I think it would have scared her, those dinos came right of the screen and snarled at you! Even Jay said he jumped once or twice! But even with out the glasses on she was not afraid. She would say oh look, that one is flying, or Stomp, stomp roar! It made me so happy to see her enjoying it.

The Museum. It was such a pretty day, but boy was it hot, I think every one in D.C was in that museum to cool off because it was really crowded!


The Elephant in the Rotunda


My 3 yr old can pronounce this better than me!


Dinosaur Bones!

003-IMG_2335 004-IMG_2336 005-IMG_2338006-IMG_2339

These Dinos are known as duck billed dinosaurs, I thought they were so funny looking I just had to take a pic!


A T-Rex Head! Look at those teeth!


009-IMG_2342 010-IMG_2343

Look at her studying the fossils, cracked me up!


After we looked at the dinosaurs, we decided to go to just one more area, The Discovery Room. It was a big hit with SL. They had binoculars, which I didn’t think we were going to be able to get away from her. The Discovery room is cool, it is for kids up to age 12. They can get a close up look at bones, skulls and fossils. There is a coloring area, dressup area, as well as an area full of children’s books about dinosaurs, animals and scientific topics!

Checking out the crocodile head:



Oooh a spyglass, to help Minnie solve the mystery! If you watch the Mickey Mouse clubhouse you will recognize that song!

017-IMG_2352 018-IMG_2354

The Binoculars! We went to the museum shop to buy them but they were pretty proud of them and wanted $22, so we decided to look at target’s toy section but there weren’t any there. I guess it will have to go on the list for Santa!



She was like uh, mom can’t you see I am busy exploring!



You could use the binoculars to spy on all the animals that were up high around the room:


She tried out their crayons but was more interested in exploring with the binoculars:


After that we decided to head on out since it was so crowded, plus even though there are some really cool items in the museum….like the Hope Diamond, we didn’t think she would be as interested in those (mommy will have to go back though and check it out!) Outside was this fabulous old carousel that had been on the mall since 1967. Daddy and SL decided to take a spin and rode on a big blue dragon (kinda of like a dino, right!)


026-IMG_2363036-IMG_2376 038-IMG_2378 039-IMG_2379 042-IMG_2383

While we were outside, I took advantage of the pretty day and snapped a few shots of the museums surrounding the mall and the Capitol and the Washington Monument.

027-IMG_2364 028-IMG_2365 029-IMG_2366 030-IMG_2367 031-IMG_2368


Even though it was hot outside and crowded inside, we had a great day and were really glad we went. We really need to take advantage of living so close to the capital and enjoy outings like this more often!!

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Melanie said...

What a fun day. SL was just too adorable. I love the binoculars. And the carousel pix were funny. Geesh, this is supposed to be fun.Why don't they get that! HA!