Thursday, July 22, 2010

Learning to enjoy the small things!

If you have not read the blog Enjoying the Small Things you are missing out! Kelle writes a wonderful blog about enjoying the small things with her family and it is so inspiring. She reminds not worry about toys on the floor and laundry not always getting done, but to enjoy the time I have with SL! So today that is exactly what we did! Jay filled up the pool and we got busy enjoying the small things:

001-IMG_2387 002-IMG_2388   005-IMG_2391 

Don’t get the bubbles on me daddy!

007-IMG_2393 008-IMG_2394  010-IMG_2396  013-IMG_2399  015-IMG_2401 016-IMG_2402  017-IMG_2403019-IMG_2405 020-IMG_2406

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