Saturday, April 3, 2010

Letter to Daddy #2

Dear Daddy,
Mommy is driving me crazy! She is such a procrastinator (whatever that means). I keep telling her we need to write this letter and she keeps putting it off!! I am mad (this is what I say by the way, all the time now, I think it is funny)! Well this is all she has done so far with the pictures so I will tell you about them and hopefully she will get the rest (there is a whole bunch!) up soon.
Mommy and I took a trip to downtown Fredericksburg and took a nice walk. We stopped by the Fire Station to admire the pretty flowers. While we were there mommy showed me, what she said was an old fashioned fire hose. I tried it out, but it didn't work. But I found one that looked like it might and wanted a drink of water but mommy wouldn't let me, see how mean she is when you are not around daddy, you really must have a chat with her!!!
*Mommy says if you click on the image you can view it larger.

We have more pictures of our walk but mommy doesn't have them up yet. So here is what happened the next day. When I woke up to my surprise Aunt Jilly Bean and cousin Ash were here! Mommy told me the that the Easter Bunny had brought them. I wasn't so sure about that, but when I went downstairs there was a basket for me and a giant egg for Ash, so who knows maybe he did. I was a little embarrassed by all the gifts but I finally decided to check the basket out!

Then we got all dressed up and went to church and then to lunch. Here are some pictures of us looking all pretty:

Can you believe that is all the pictures Mommy has put up for me to write about, daddy? Well I have to go to bed now, so says Mommy but I hope she gets on the ball and has more pictures put up for me to tell you about tomorrow!!! I miss you. I stand in the middle of the living room and holler, "Daddy where are you, come out, come out where ever you are." I am starting to think this is going to be a VERY long game of hide and seek!
I Love you, SL!

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Melanie said...

Get on it girl... we all want more!!! Love the firehouse pix. too sweet!