Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tot School and Earth Day

Tot School
Shelby Lynn - 22 Months-

We did not have specific "lessons" this week for tot school. Shelby Lynn did have a special earth day outfit to wear and she helped carry cans outside to the recycle bin. She still is a little young for that type of lesson, but I did draw the earth for her and she knew that it was a circle!

We also watched Barney and Friends, Our Earth, Our Home:

Watching Barney:

Because daddy left to go out of town this weekend, he had Thursday off and we went to the park. Shelby Lynn rode on the merry go round. All of sudden I saw this funny look on her face and the next thing we knew she kinda slumped down. We stopped it really quick and go her off. Bless her heart, she was sooooo dizzy and her little legs were shaking and she kept saying whoa!

Shaky Legs:

So we decided that the slide was a safer plan and she really liked it!

Much Better:

She also tried the monkey bars but didn't understand that she was supposed to hold on.

Shelby Lynn and her friend Ellie had a great day!


Then on Friday, her Poppy and TyTy sent her a belated Easter present. Her very own Hot Wheels track!! As soon as I set it up, Shelby Lynn knew right what to do. She had a blast!

Ready, Set, Go! (she has been saying this all week, so it was perfect that she got a racetrack!)


They also sent her two books:

"Wee Little Lamb" written by Lauren Thompson and illustrated by John Butler

"Quiet Bunny" by Lisa McCue
The illustrations in the two books are fabulous!
And here is my Favorite picture of the week:

Be sure to check out what everyone else did at totschool this week:


Sarah said...

Oh that sepia picture is gorgeous!

Bernadete said...

Looks like a great week! The park can be such an adventure :)

Mozer said...

That last photo is wonderful! (I also love that you took a picture of your daughter watching Barney--lol! Lately that is all my DD wants to do---watch Barney! We don't have the Earth one--I'll have to look for it)

Anonymous said...

I can almost hear her saying "ready, set, go" from here! SO precious!

Melanie said...

Pam, those pix are great! The close of picture of Shelby Lynn is gorgeous! I would consider that for an enlargement! The last sepia picture is very pretty too. I can't wait to see them all!

jenjen said...

Such cute pictures! And that last on is so amazing!