Sunday, April 19, 2009

Return to Tot School!

Shelby Lynn (21 months)
Tot School

We have been doing tot school, but I have not been taking pictures. This week I broke out the camera and got some great pics of what we did!

I made a felt board and cut out an apple tree and basket and the numbers 1-5 and we worked on taking off the apples off the tree and put in the basket. Shelby Lynn loves the felt board. Here is a great place to buy felt: and here is a good site to download templates for you felt board:

Since we were studying apples we continued the theme at snack time. She enjoyed eating the whole apple so much that I had to stop her before she ate the core (I have since bought a corer!)

We also worked on sorting shapes this week. She was able to put the correct shapes in for the first time, but a couple of times got frustrated and just opened the top and threw them in!
She now recognizes and can name: square, circle, star and heart. I think triangle is just too much of a mouth full.

We also planted flowers and this week and Shelby Lynn learned about watering them.

She did good, but sometimes the water didn't quite make it to the flowers. She also enjoyed digging in the dirt.

While we were outside we colored with sidewalk chalk. She likes to take the pieces out of the bucket and put them back in more than actually coloring with them. She loves carrying around the little bucket as well.
She also found a way to incorporate our shape lessons...she found some blocks of wood in the garage and came carrying them out saying, "squares, squares!" She was very excited, she also kept calling them toys!

And I am not sure which totschool mom does this (if I can find out I will link to your blog) but I am going to include my favorite picture of the week and this week there was two!

While we were planting flowers the ice cream truck came by (I am so mad I didn't get a pic of the truck) and Shelby Lynn really enjoyed her dreamcicle!

When she saw the camera she started screaming, "CHEESE"! I am not sure where she learned this, because I had never told her to do it. Must be that disney channel, lol (shhhh don't tell but yes I let her watch a little t.v.) I think it reenforces some of the lessons we are learning such as shapes and numbers....speaking of which she counted to ten all by herself this week! I was shocked!

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Melanie said...

Your pix are great! Love the felt board. Also, the garden pix are too sweet. Thanks for Blogging it all!

K, @ Heart said...

We're reading Chicka Chicka 123 right now. The felt board is a great idea and I love that you have her an apple. Will have to do that! :)

pucktricks said...

MIne love to water the plants too, and then they decide to water the sidewalk.

Jenny said...

Beautiful Blog! What a fun week of Tot School! I will have to check out those felt board numbers!! Thanks for sharing!

Bernadete said...

What a great week! I love the felt board idea! Thanks for all the great ideas, espically since our daughters our so close in age!

Tanielle said...

Your little girlie is so beautiful!! That hair is sooooo darling!! What a great Mom you are, and such fun things to do with your daughter!

Have a great weekend!