Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tot School

Yea! I found another site that comes up with the weekly theme and activites for teaching your tot! I am just not feeling really creative right now with my hubby getting ready to leave; so it is nice to have someone else do that side of it! The theme for the week of Jan 11-17 is Zoo Animals! Go to for ideas and to sign up for the weekly newletter and link to their blog! I am loving this theme because I have a cricut cartridge called Zooballoo that I have been wanting to use to make Lil Bit a ABC book with. So hopefully I can post that by the end of the week along with the activities we do!
So my hubby is definitely leaving and I think is trying to give me a heart attack. Friday night he went to play flag football and came home with four stitches and a big black/purple eye! I thought flag football was supposed to be less injury prone that full tackle, but apparently not because another one of his buddies tore his ACL!! I am hoping I can convince my hubby to let take a pic, I really think this one needs to be scrapbooked about!


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Sorry about Jay's "boo-boo". If he would have eaten a big, manly meal at Anita's, maybe he would have loaded up on protein and the other guys would have bounced off of him! I enjoyed dinner, and you and Jay's stories. What a hoot!

godfrey544 said...

OOps, wrong click. I'm "anonymous", but I bet you figured that out already. Sorry!