Tuesday, January 20, 2009

First posts of many

So I am waayyyy behind on things I wanted to post, so I may have to start doing two a days! With hubby getting ready to leave I have been in such a funk! But last night before I went to bed I decided to get out of it! It was kinda of like therapy for me to plan what sort of surprises I am going to send in his care packages! Soooo, back on track now!

When I went home at Thanksgiving I threw my best friend in the whole world (my soul mate friend we call each other) a baby shower. I spent months pouring over the cricut message board getting wonderful ideas. The ladies on that site are soooooo very talented. So I want to say a big thank you to all of you who posted ideas that I scraplifted from. There are way to many to name, so I am just going to link to the cricut message board HERE.
Here are some pics of decorations:

Welcome to the shower!

Diaper cake (No cricut used here).

Diaper Wreath

Name photo book

Memory paint can

Baby Clothes line

Baby Sock Rose Bouquet
Well this is part one of the shower decorations. I will post the rest tomorrow. Melanie is the one who got me into scrapbooking, so of course I had to throw her a scrapbooking baby shower. After we opened the packages, each person made Melanie a scrapbook page to go in her baby book. Tomorrow I will post those pics and the scrapbook embellishment that I used as decorations as well as the party favors! Thanks for Looking and as always I love me some comment love!!!


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh this looks like a great day!

Drama queens mum said...

Those are all so cute.