Monday, December 1, 2008

Contest Time!

I am soooo excited! I am having my first giveaway and at the same time announcing the start of a brand new business by my friend Nancy! She and her friends have created an online store for fun dog people, celebrating the basic connection people have with their dogs. Through fun, eco-friendly products, the company delights in what makes a dog fundamentally a dog and what makes a dog fundamental to our lives. Check out their organic cotton tee-shirts and the note cards printed on recycled paper – all with cool, original artwork and true-to-dog slogans! She is generously donating a set of darling note cards to the winner! So here is how is works:

1. Go check out Fundamentally Dog by clicking

2. Check out all their adorable products and find your favorite

3. The come back to my site and leave me a comment telling me which one is your fave!

4. You can earn 5 extra entries if you have a blog by posting about this giveaway, just leave me a comment linking to your blog and be sure to link back to this one in your post!

5. We will randomly draw one name next Monday!


Catherinette Singleton said...

What a great site!! I, being a dog person, love the stuff they have on there.

Matter of fact, I might just have to get me one of the "Throw Me a Bone" shirts...

BTW: Found you on the SITS site.

April said...

I'm a huge dog fan...I love the "Live in the Moment" tee! Very cute! I'm over from SITS!

Rachael Scates said...

PAM - LOVE THE SITE! I'm loving the Crazy for a Crazy dog chocolate lab definitely fits that description! But she's my baby!

Kristy said...

Aww such a cute site! I'm a doggie lover :) My fav is the Pink Dog Crazy shirt!

Merry SITSmas!

Monique Griffith said...

What a cute doggie site. My favorite item has to be the Throw Me a Bone shirt. Too cute! I have 2 boxers, and believe me, you have to be REALLY crazy about dogs to have 2 boxers, LOL!

Melanie said...

Cute site. Hope things go well. I do love my crazy dogs! The size matters shirt is too cute.

gingerwalker said...

I LOVE the site! Very cute and so is this one! Nice favorite is the "shake it off" womens t. I love it!
Best of luck to you both, Ginger

woof nanny said...

Oh wow. I hope they expand and have hoodies in the future. I forwarded the link to the 'Live in the Moment' shirt to my friend who's into Fly Ball, etc. I personally really like the Christmas Card.