Friday, October 24, 2008

Coffee Time

So I have been doing some thinking and have decided that it is especially important now more than ever to support small businesses; especially if one day I want to open my own! This Christmas I am going to try and purchase as much from small businesses as possible.
The first one I would like to recommend is:
It is a new online coffee shop and Meaghan, the owner, is giving away 1 pound of coffee. She is a stage 3b cervical cancer survivor and is now cancer free!
She also recommends the following:

If you are interested in a chance to get money for the cancer charity of your choice for an entire year go to:

So please go by and check her new store out!!


Meaghan said...

Thanks so much for the support and kind words :) Its been a difficult journey back to the real world and now I am capable of giving back :) I hope that I am able to raise tons of money to fight the nasty beast named Cancer :)


ajree said...

Excellent idea to support small businesses....Check out my blog.